St Matthew's Internship

The Ministry Internship

A St Matthew’s Internship is an intentional & intensive training program for Christians seeking to assess their suitability and to prepare for gospel ministry roles.

At its heart, the internship is Training for a Lifetime of Gospel ministry


A St Matthew’s Internship is based on an apprenticeship model of learning by doing, receiving feedback and guidance, and then trying again.

Interns are encouraged to push beyond their existing experience and capacities in ministry and are given permission to fail as they do. 


The training carried out in a St Matthew’s internship is designed for the long-term advance of the gospel. The internship program focuses on the unchanging foundations of gospel ministry that can be applied in many different contexts.

The program includes a variety of ministry experiences with the aim of producing adaptable, creative, resilient, passionate servants of Jesus who will thrive in whatever circumstances the Lord places them throughout their lives.


Gospel Ministry

The Internship seeks to impart an overall way of understanding the nature of gospel ministry that involves:

Receiving God’s word about his Son in prayerful dependence on his Spirit in loving relationships.

Our Trainers
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The Training

Your Trainer

A critical element of each internship is the relationship between the intern and their trainer. By working alongside an experienced member of our senior staff team, interns have the opportunity to see gospel work in action, try it themselves and receive feedback. The intern-trainer relationship is doubly important because you will be learning, not just from your trainer’s skills, but also from their character and devotion to the Lord.

Your Teaching

St Matthew’s interns receive formal teaching in ministry skills through the Perth Gospel Partnership. This training is run by Tim and Rosemary Thorburn and includes interns from churches and para-church organizations all across Perth. The content is focused on handling the Bible faithfully and teaching it to others with clarity and conviction.

Your Support

Those undertaking  St Matthew's Internships may apply for a yearly scholarship provided by the Equipping For Service Trust. More information about EFS and the scholarship is available at their website

Scholarship Interns will be included in the process of raising supporters for EFS and helped to develop a network of people to pray for and encourage them through their internship.

Previous Interns

“It was the perfect mix of learning, doing, trying and failing. I’m not sure how I could have been better equipped for the next 40 years of ministry.”

Edward Surrey

“It's been great to have first-hand ministry experience to see what it's really like, and to see what goes on behind the scenes. Hugely worthwhile!"


Ben Smart

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