COVID-Safe St Matthew's

8th June 2020


As we enter into a government-led easing of restrictions on public gatherings, St Matthew’s is eager to recommence our public gatherings in as safe a way as possible.  As such, we want to advise our church family and the wider community the steps St Matthew’s is taking to ensure a safe working and public environment for anyone who is making use of our spaces and taking part in any of the programs or services.


1. What are we asking all members of St Matthew’s to do?

Please take responsibility for all things within your personal control:

  • Practice physical distancing (keeping 1.5m from each other). We encourage everyone, when greeting people at church, to refrain from making physical contact as much as possible (e.g. refrain from handshakes and hugs).

  • Practise good personal hygiene (wash hands often with soap and water, or hand sanitiser and cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or use your elbow).

  • Please do not come to church or any St Matthew’s events if you have been directed to self-quarantine by WA health.


2. What we will do differently at church services and events?

  • All attendees, at all events, with no exceptions, will be required to check in via an electronic check-in page, accessible via a QR-code readable by most smart phones and which will record the name, date, time and contact details of anyone who enters our building.  Attendees who are unable to access the check-in page electronically are asked to seek assistance from other members, or a staff member or volunteer will complete their check in for them.  Signs are posted at every entry point and throughout all the public spaces to remind attendees to check in.

  • Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the building and at each entry and exit point for the use of attendees.  Signs are posted to encourage good personal hygiene while using our facilities.

  • We will not serve food or drink during or after any church services or large events. Some smaller events may still be able to provide hot or cold beverages only in disposable cups.

  • The serving of Holy Communion will happen in a slightly modified form to ensure safety, including the use of small individual cups.

  • We will not pass the basket around for offertory during the service, but instead have a box at the back of church where you can place your contributions and feedback slips.

  • We encourage all people to bring their own Bible rather than use a shared one from church and will limit the use of paper handouts, service sheets or newsletters.

  • All hard surfaces, including chairs, tables, door handles, light switches, air conditioning remotes, and any shared equipment used in the conducting of services or programs will be cleaned before and after each use using the provided disposable gloves, paper towels and disinfectant spray.


3. What we will do differently with children’s and youth ministry?

  • We are making adjustments to the games and activities to minimise shared physical contact with objects and each other.

  • We will not be serving food during or after our programs.

  • We will be offering a reduced array of toys and washing them before and after each session.


We ask for your patience, grace and cooperation at this time. Please be loving and respectful of others. No one should be made to feel guilty or ashamed of the steps they choose to take to protect themselves and their families.


If you have any please don’t hesitate to contact St Matthew’s via or (08) 9381 2640.



As a church,  St Matthew's is looking to ways we can care for all in need. If you find yourself in need please reach out to us. Email us at or call 
(08) 9381 2640. 

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