Most of the connection at St Matthew's comes through smaller groups in addition to our Sunday gatherings. We have groups for those still exploring Jesus, groups for those connecting into St Matthew's for the first time, and groups for those who want to grow in their love and knowledge of Jesus with the family of St Matthew's.


Who is Jesus? Why did Jesus come? What does it mean for us?

We all get one life to live and deep down we’re all asking the same question – what’s it all about?

If you, or a friend, have been asking big questions like this, we'd love you to join us with others asking the same questions for Christianity Explored - a 4 session course investigating Jesus.



Connect is an informal gathering, including supper, with opportunities to find out about the life of  St Matthew’s and what we believe. 

You’ll meet others who are newish, as well as old timers, a few of our staff - including our Rector Evan - and have the chance to ask any questions you may have.  

Our Connect Groups run several times throughout the year and meet 3 times across 3 weeks, usually on a weeknight.



A Bible Study for women in easy English, to see who Jesus was, why he came and what it means for us. We meet Thursday mornings during school term, and a creche is available for children. 


We'd love you to join us.

Image by Sarah Noltner


At St Matthew's we meet in small groups during the week to read the Bible, pray, and share our lives together. We call these Growth Groups. 


We have a variety of Growth Groups for every age and stage of life, which meet on different days, mornings or evenings, including Prime Time for over 60s and Women's Growth Groups with creche available.


We would love for you to consider joining a group –  whether you've been a part of
St Matthew's for years or have just come out of a Connect Group. Now is a time to connect with other people in community.