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The heart of our shared life together is a trust in Jesus and a love for God’s word. We love to dig deep into the Bible and have it go deep into us, both on a Sunday and in Growth Groups. We want the solid foundations for faith that can only be found in the Scriptures. We want to know the grace of God, because we have come to see that is our only hope and our greatest need.


We believe that God is good, life is a gift and that relationships with God, with each other and with the created world are the most important thing in life. At St Matthew's we want to be a community who love God, who love people and who nurture each person's trust in God.


We believe God speaks today through the ancient writings in the Bible and that he works his purposes in our lives as we receive his message.


We think that 'church' is people - people who recognise that we aren't perfect, who share a desire to be changed by God and to serve him and the world he created.



At the heart of Christianity is Jesus - who he is and what he's done for our world. Jesus is God's promised King, and God's Son. He came to bring the Kingdom of God by being rejected, killed, and rising from the dead.
Now, Jesus invites people to join his Kingdom by repenting and believing this good news.


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Evan McFarlane

Rector of St Matthew's


Evan is the Rector of St Matthew’s Shenton Park, Perth. He has 13 years experience in preaching, pastoring, mentoring and training in complex multi-site, multi-ethnic, multi-congregation churches. Evan is married to Bon and they have four children.


God revealed the grace of Jesus Christ to Evan as he has done with so many others, through the faith of his parents. It doesn’t make for the most interesting of stories, but it’s what he passionately prays for his children and all the children of St Matthew’s.

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Mike Horgan
St Matthew's Minister

In his final year at UWA, Mike became a Christian after reading about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus in the Bible. Mike is married to Vicki and they have three sons. Both Mike and Vicki trained as missionaries for China, but instead Mike served as a pastor with St Matthew's since 2015. He loves footy, Dim Sum, and seeing people from all over the world respond to the good news of Jesus.

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Roger Morey

St Matthew's Minister

Roger is married to Helen and they have three sons and one daughter. Roger grew up in Canberra in a Christian family, studied social work and theology in Sydney and has worked as a pastor in Sydney, and in Perth since 2000. He enjoys golf and bushwalking. He loves encouraging and equipping people as servants of Christ. He has been on staff at St Matthew's since October 2010.



Eryn-May Wicks

Women's Minister

Eryn-May grew up in a lovely 'no traffic light' town. In year 12 her life was turned about after coming to an understanding of God’s grace. Formerly a primary teacher, she joined St Matthew’s in 2013 after studying at SMBC. She finds joy in helping people discover God through the Bible and in equipping others for gospel ministry. She is a fan of leaf tea, music and making things from scratch just like her Nanna taught her.

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Tyler Swartzentruber

Children's Minister

By the grace of God, Tyler became a Christian through the patient prayer and discipleship of his parents. His marriage to Penny, their three children, and his experience in education and ministry are all testaments to God’s faithfulness. He enjoys exploring the Southern Coast with his family, quality music, all-sorts sport, American cereal and helping others to treasure Jesus.



Elizabeth Page

Ministry Assistant Youth



Rebekah Hotchkin

Ministry Apprentice



Lindsay Rhodes

Ministry Apprentice

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Nic Wood

Ministry Apprentice



Siena Zamin

Ministry Apprentice

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Janine van der Kooy

Office Manager



Heather Kerr

Financial Officer